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Buy My Closet!!!! [27 Jan 2008|10:47pm]
I am cleaning out my closet because I'm moving. Help me and buy my stuff. Yay!

ll the stuff I am selling is right here.

I made a Flickr set of the things I'm selling-- but if you're interested in anything, leave me a comment and I'll provide you with more info or images about the items--whatever you'd like.

If you're in the Charleston area, there's no shipping! I'll meet you somewhere or drop off any item you win.

Buy buy buy!

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[22 Jul 2007|07:20pm]
I have a blog now... if anyone looks at this journal, check out my new one at http://waitforthesignal.blogspot.com.

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So...it's been months, yet my love affair with Ray LaMontagne has STILL not ended. [05 Jun 2007|08:02pm]
I am surrounded by piles. Piles of books, piles of pillows, piles of boxes. Each day, I scatter a pile and spend anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour just staring at the bits and pieces of the pile that are now scattered around me. I am taking absolutely forever to make this place my own, but there is a very specific purpose to it. This whole place is mine...like when I would put a sheet over a table and everything underneath would be my kingdom...well, that's how this is. This apartment is my playhouse and I am doing each activity with the deliberateness of a five year old. I need more bookshelves. I have books on my mantle (yes...I have a mantle. Two mantles, actually!) and on my shelves and in corners. I feel something like a cat lady, but without a cat.

When my apartment is complete, I will take photographs to document this. I just started living here but I am already filled with dread to think that one day I'll have to leave this house. Also, the floors are uneven. When I walk to the kitchen at night, I walk up and down the little hills in the hallway that the floorboards have created and I almost weep with happiness thinking that maybe some sort of rebel debutante-turned-flapper once lived here (the house was built in 1920) and I stare out the window at other houses, some peeling, some restored with crisp paint and young plants in the yard.

I am pretty alone, so far. Not in a bad way. But my dad and I were talking on the phone last night (War and Peace with Audrey H. was on pause on my television) and he said that it just occured to him that this is probably the most alone I've been in my entire life. And it is. I sleep alone and I wake up alone. I eat breakfast and dinner alone. But I love it. I like it. I wash dishes alone and sometimes my voice is croaky because I haven't spoken with anyone for hours.

Surprisingly, I haven't done anything overtly weird yet, except watch TV naked. I always assumed that the second I started living alone, I'd start picking up strange habits, like smoking cigarettes in the bathtub or having extended conversations with the cat that sleeps on my steps. I hope these weird habits begin soon. I greatly anticipate what they may be.

Soundtracks for parts of my life:

Music for Loving Desperately:
Feist--How My Heart Behaves
Ray LaMontagne--Hold You in My Arms
Radiohead--Thinking About You
Inara George--Mistress
The Police--Wrapped Around Your Finger
Kings of Convenience--Singing Softly to Me
Jeff Buckley--Hallelujah

Music for Dancing and Having So Much Fun:
Feist-- Tout Doucement
Antonio Carlos Jobim-- Agua de Beber
Bat for Lashes-- Trophy
Camille--Ta Douleur

Music for Taking Your Clothes Off:
Nina Simone--Feeling Good (or Michael Buble's version, or Muse's version...depending on your preference)
Creedence Clearwater Revival--I Put a Spell On You (or Nina Simone's version)
Fink--Pretty Little Thing
Peggy Lee--Hey Big Spender
Sarah Vaughn--Whatever Lola Wants

What am I going to do this evening? What pile am I going to deconstruct?

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My apartment hunt....lordy geez.... [07 May 2007|10:24pm]
So...this past weekend, Chandler and I went to Charleston to apartment-hunt. On Saturday, after driving 35 miles within downtown Charleston and seeing barely any one-bedroom apartments, we got a walk-through of a cute little apartment within a house that I saw on Craigslist.

The apartment was small, but cute...and everything was brand new and renovated. It was around 5 pm and we had essentially seen every street in Charleston. As we were driving away from the place we toured, we saw one final "For Rent" sign...Chandler called the people but apparently they couldn't get in touch with the renter and said they would get back to us.

The next day (Sunday), by noon, we hadn't heard anything from the other apartment that Chandler called. At 1:30, the realtor from the place we toured called. She said that she had arranged a meeting with the owner of the house (who lives in another one of the apartments). Chandler dropped me off for the meeting and drove around on his own.

The meeting went well, and I went to the realtor's house to sign the lease. Right after I handed over the lease and a check for the security deposit, I turned on my phone to call Chandler to have him pick me up. As I turned on my phone, I saw two texts from Chandler:

"The people from the other place called me back..I'm touring the apartment now."


"This place is incredible...don't sign anything!"

This is literally LESS THAN A MINUTE after I handed over the paperwork for the other place.

I told the realtor what happened and she told me to tour the other place, and that maybe I wouldn't like it as much as Chandler did.

I toured the place, and it was FANTASTIC. If you look at the previous entry, it has everything on the checklist:

Huge bay windows in the living room, a working fireplace, old wood mouldings and mantles galore, a porch, wood floors.

I called the realtor and she sounded frustrated, but made it sound like she was going to help me. She said that she would call the owner and let her know and that she'd try to find the numbers of the other interested people.

An hour later, the realtor calls back. She said that the owner of the place I signed the lease for was going to call me soon and give me some "options."

Chandler and I waited in Charleston OVER AN HOUR before the owner called back. Mind you, it's 5 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon and we have a 5 hour drive to Chapel Hill ahead of us.

The owner reminds me that I signed a lease and, by changing my mind about the place, I am breaking the rental agreement. Therefore, I have two (2) options:

1. Keep the lease and live there as agreed upon
2. Pay $400 for breaking the lease...for a place that I only signed 2 hours previously.

I explained to her the situation...I am from out of town, starting a job in Charleston in less than a month. This was the only weekend that I could come to Charleston before I actually moved down. I had only 24 hours to find a place. I turned off my phone out of politeness so it wouldn't ring in the meeting and that while we were meeting, Chandler was getting the tour and he was trying to contact me the entire time.

I should mention that the owner is also a lawyer, and, I might add, a HUGE BITCH.

Essentially, she stayed completely cold and reminded me that I signed an agreement...

I talked to Chandler, called my dad, and we all agreed that it would be smarter to get away from the bitch now, rather than have to deal with that kind of evil for an entire year.

When Chandler called the people who own the other apartment, they felt so bad about this bitchy, horrible person, that they took $300 off of my security deposit. So, it works out that I only am paying about $100 to get out of my 15-minute lease.

Either way, while what she did was legally correct, I can't swallow how completely heartless she was. The realtor told me that there was a HUGE response for this place. I didn't back out of the contract weeks after signing...it was MINUTES. She could have just torn it up and moved on to the next person clamouring for the place.  I mean, for goodness sakes, we toured the place with another guy, and he was offering a security deposit up front, within minutes of seeing the place.

Also, thank goodness for my new landlords. They live in the downstairs of this incredible place and have been kind, accomodating, thoughtful, and complete life-savers. Because of them, I am excited about my place and can't wait to move in!

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eek. [03 May 2007|11:39pm]
Things that are happening in my life right now:

* I have completely given up on cleaning my room. I think it is just pure laziness, but there is the underlying excuse that it's all going to be put in boxes soon anyway, so why even bother?
* I am going to Charleston tomorrow to find potential places of residence.

Here are the things I need for my place of residence:
1. Monthly rent under $875
2. Location in downtown but not in the ghetto

Here are things I want for my place of residence:
1. Tons of windows
2. Wood floors
3. Fancy wood carvings/moldings/mantle, etc.
4. A porch
5. A sweet Schwinn SS Cruiser that comes with the place (preferably in kelly green, apple red, or sky blue)
6. Walking/biking distance to Harris Teeter, work, the water, a good bar, a good coffee shop, a good dessert place
7. Not too cramped

To refer back...I got a job in Charleston. I am going working as an editorial assistant for Skirt! magazine (www.skirtmag.com) starting June 4th . It's a free alternative women's monthly that is in some Southern cities and is gradually working its way into many others--so if you haven't heard of it now, just wait, and you may soon see it in your local coffeeshop.

Here is my futureplan:

May 4th-5th: Charleston-- apartment hunting
May 9th: Katherine-from-work's farewell party (she's moving to Boston!)
May 11th-13th: Charlotte for Mother's Day and to pick up miscellaneous items for the apartment
May 18th-20th: Momma is coming to spend the weekend with me doing all the things we planned but never got around to happening
May 25th-28th: to the Mountain house for Kati's 13th Birthday and Memorial Day Weekend
May 31st: My last day at Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill
June 1st: Moving into my new apartment in Charleston (hopefully!)
June 4th: My first day of work at Skirt! magazine
June-forever: Who knows? I sure don't!

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[18 Mar 2007|12:11pm]
[ mood | reflective (again) ]

Now that I have apologized to Live Journal, I don't feel quite so awkward dusting the cobwebs off of my Live Journal client and adding a bit of mess to these entries.

Almost a year ago, I was panicked, overwhelmed, excited, tense, (a bit bitchy), but also a little bit cute.

Well, in this almost-year, not much has changed.

I am coming to yet another crossroads in my life.

On this gorgeous Sunday, I am sitting on a lawn chair on my porch, looking into the clouds and clover (they grow in patches where the grass should be) for the answers to all of the questions that keep flinging themselves into my brain when I try to sleep at night.

I have become grossly aware of certain key words that have introduced themselves into my subconcious. These words include "stability", "salary", "benefits" and the all-so-important phrase "Oh-my-God-what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life!!!!"

* Note to any readers who may still browse through the haunted halls of my Live Journal: The above hyphenated phrase is meant to be read by throwing all of the included words out of one's mouth at one time while attempting to maintain regular breathing so as to not hyperventilate and to (at least on the exterior) maintain normality for any potential onlookers.

So, here are some things going on in my life now:

I have less than 60 days left in my promised year of service (read: indentured servanthood) to Algonquin Books. I now have more than an internship to offer my potential employers; I have an actual semblance of a real-live job where I work in publishing.

(Sidenote: there are both a hawk and a helicopter in the sky right now and from my perch, they look like they are both the same size! Let's give a shout-out to dimensons and perspective, shall we?)

Back to my ramblings:

So, where I want to be right now, is living in a slightly ramshackle, but still charming, apartment in Charleston, doing some sort of writing in some form. I'm not picky...I'll do anything, save for writing pharmaceutical catalogs...but for Charleston, even that doesn't sound half-bad. I have an interview with Skirt! magazine on April 4th (at 10am if y'all want to send me good vibes at that time) and I hope it goes well, but I am not trying to put all of my eggs in one basket or any of those choice old country phrases that everyone's grandma says with a short of wobbly-chinned head shake.

There is also New York. While it is chock-full of possibility, it is cold, expensive, and rather far away from my family unit and others important to me. The other large concern is that EVERYONE who does any sort of publishing wants to live/work/starve in New York. So each time I submit a resume to a job opening, I am reminded that 40,000 others have just hit send at almost the exact instant as me. It's an alarming feeling that I am not comfortable with. I don't love to share.

So, on that note, if anyone knows of potential jobs in the Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Charleston (I am in love with towns that begin with "Ch") or New York, please give me a holler. Or just give me the job. That would also be more than acceptable.

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thanks, Pauly!

I promise, promise, promise, that I will use this Live Journal for more than just rambling and venting.

Here are things I am looking forward to:

March 30th: John Jorgenson at Carrboro ArtsCenter (Chandler may or may not be home for this, so if anyone likes gypsy jazz, give me a holler)
Sometime between the end of March and the beginning of April: Chandler coming home from tour
April 3rd: Charleston with Chandler for days and days...
April 4th: Job interview with Skirt!

Hopefully the above list will grow and grow.

edit: It's already growing! It's vague but fabulous Will Gilreath's mother works with the Charleston Post & Courier and we're going to meet about a position!

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An Apology to Live Journal. [18 Mar 2007|11:34am]
[ mood | reflective ]

Dear Live Journal,

Over these past 4 years, we've had a tumultuous relationship. I've poured my heart and soul-- facts and fiction-- into you and you've borne it like no one could. You've allowed me to reflect back by holding my own words in front of me in black and white-- and how have I repaid you? I've abused you with apathy and silence and I have chosen time with friends (yes, they do actually converse with me, but that's not always a positive thing) over you and yet, each time I look back...you're still here. Waiting.

Thank you, Live Journal, for being a pal. You are steadfast, you never argue. You simply cradle my thoughts, patiently, waiting for me to remember, once again, how true you are.

I don't have much to give you, Live Journal, but I promise you this...only a few months before our 4-year anniversary: I will not forget you. I will continue to (sporadically) share my inner- and outer-most feelings with you so that you may continue to have purpose in this oftentimes lonely and dark world.

Thank you, Live Journal, for everything that you are.

With deepest love and respect,

Sabrina Nicole Heise

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[18 Dec 2006|08:23am]
So, we are coming down to the last day, and in some cases, the last hours of my lil ole ebay auction.


Vintage Dior and Aigner, new Jeffrey Campbell and Calvin Klein, coats and jackets in suede or velvet, vintage luggage...and, this stuff is cheap!

These are just some of the items up for sale:

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Vintage shopping dreams come true!! [12 Dec 2006|08:07pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Alright guys, it's over a month later, but I have finally put all sorts of things on Ebay!! I am totally excited about it, but this is my first try, so I hope it goes well. I'd love to be able to keep finding unique things to share with other people.

So, if you have any last-minute holiday shopping to do, or you just want to treat yourself to some cheap designer duds, stop by and look at what I have for sale:


Just to remind you:

* Vintage luggage
* Calvin Klein Flats
* Christian Dior pencil skirt
* Etienne Aigner trench coat
* Jeffrey Campbell T-strap heels
* more jackets and blazers than you could wear in a week!

Please come by and pass this site on to your friends...I would love it if everything sold.

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[09 Nov 2006|04:22pm]
So...it is been a very, very, very long time since I have written.

There is a specific reason I am doing so...

You see, I have been hitting up thrift stores and vintage stores and I have piles of fun and neat little things that don't get enough attention in my closet. I was wondering, if I started selling my things on eBay...do you think anyone would buy it?

Those who have eBay selling experience...do you have any tips for me? I want a lot of people to see this without having to spend money to advertise.

Here are some of the things in the collection of stuff:

* vintage weekender bag
* size 4 or 6 vintage red and black houndstooth Christian Dior skirt
* size 7 1/2 Calvin Klein flats that look like they've barely been worn (I just found these 2 weeks ago)
* size 8 Jeffrey Campbell bronze and gold metallic open toe heels which may have never been worn (found these last night!)
* size 7/8 vintage navy blue velvet blazer with slightly puffed sleeves
* size XS/S vintage three-quarter length magenta velvet blazer with tiny floral stitching pattern and slightly puffed sleeves
* belts, bags, jewelry...oh my!

So if anyone still reads my live journal, let me know your tips, ideas, and advice, because I'd love to get this going.

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[28 May 2006|01:33am]
thin silver chain
twined between fingertips
in and out, woven,
around the thumb
trailed along the wrist
spun, mixed with nervous laughs
and nervous looks
and the simple conversation that means everything to them both
graceful, unconcious,
it was gorgeous proof that everything he felt
was reflected back with her silver chain

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A random assortment-- a boxed collection-- of ideas, straight from the head of Miss Sabrina Heise. [24 Apr 2006|11:15pm]
[ mood | eekish ]

Uh oh.

It's one of those days. I have that static energy running up and down my spine. I keep thinking very colorful and insane thoughts.

Such as, "If I were a stripper, what songs would I strip to?"

I would never do this. But, I will still share my (short) list:

"Feeling Good" - Michael Buble or Nina Simone
"I Put a Spell on You" - Nina Simone
"Hey Big Spender" - Peggy Lee
"Whatever Lola Wants"- Sarah Vaughn

And it wouldn't be stripperish stripping. It would be more classy. Think Natalie Wood in "Gypsy".

But let me again repeat: "I WOULD NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS (unless I'm drunk enough...) No. I'm kidding (kind of.) NO REALLY. I'm totally kidding. Really.

I love/hate these moods I have. They remind me of when my cat, Kitty (v. originally named) would go spastic out of nowhere. His ears would go back and he'd race around and around the house and hide under the couch and watch us.

I used to walk Kitty on a leash. He did not like that one bit. That is probably why he had moments of insanity.
I have moments of insanity because changes scare me. I feel everything rushing by so fast that I turn into a whirlwind of nervous energy. I start cleaning and organizing and giving away and living more and more in books and movies because they always end the same as they did last time and you can depend on that.

So, Sufjan Stevens wrote a song about John Wayne Gacy, Jr. That's how you know this man is a genius. He wrote a song about a serial killer that makes me want to cry with the beauty of it. About a clown- faced serial killer.

I am going to watch Titus tonight. This movie is very disturbing. However, it is also one of the most visually stunning movies I've seen.

I have a tiny heart-shaped bruise above my right knee. I find it romantic, like a secret.

Do you know an irrational fear I have? After I first learn a person's name, I am afraid to use it because I'm afraid that somehow I've gotten it wrong and then the first time I do use it, it sounds awkward in my head.

OK. Hot chocolate + Titus time.

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I haven't updated in a while. [18 Apr 2006|04:24pm]
[ mood | dunno ]

OK, I am going to brag on myself for just a minute.

I found out yesterday that I won the 2006 Robert Ruark Award for Non-Fiction.

Basically, I wrote an essay, and they're awarding me $1,000 (and a plaque) at a ceremony at the Chapel Hill Museum on Thursday night.


In other news, I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. All my plans end May 14th when I graduate.

I don't like not knowing what to do with myself. I have applied to a fair amount of places and have heard NADA back. Yikes.

Here are the plans I have for my life, thus far:

April 19th: Modern Political Thought Paper due
April 20th: Shakespeare Paper due
May 2nd: Shakespeare Exam
May 4th: Act I of my Screenplay due
May 6th: The Verdict Show
May 9th: Modern Political Thought Exam
May 12th: My Graduation Party
May 14th: GRADUATE
May 15th- forever: ?????????????
May 31st: the lease ends on my apartment

P.S. If anyone is interested in coming to my Graduation Party, please let me know. It's on May 12th (a Friday evening) at my house and it's not going to be a party party. It's a more relaxed, eating food and schmoozing kind of thing (thrown by my Ma) so, if you do come, no brown-bagging booze (that's my Grandpa's job.)

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i am a grown- ass man. [27 Jan 2006|09:27am]
Chandler and I are both getting grown- up.

Today, I am going to my second day interning at Algonquin Books. That's where a lot of books that you read every day (or not at all) are published.

Today is Chandler's first day interning at Constant Artists Management. He's interning for the company that manages the likes of Mates of State, Spoon, Crooked Fingers, and Explosions in the Sky, along with others I can't remember at the moment.

We are very brave and cool because we work for zero money because the experience is good to have.

Yay internships!

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Why am I continuously unable to choose things for myself? [13 Jan 2006|10:47am]
OK Guys...

I need more help.

In my "Adapting Literature to the Screen" class I have to pick a novel or literary work (preferably not a play) to adapt to a screenplay.

So, my question to you lovely people is:

Of what book would you love to see the movie version? I need an idea fairly soon, so any ideas would be great.

(The syllabus said to have an idea for our adaptation by the first day of class, but the prof didn't give us the syllabus till the first day of class...go figure.)

Thanks again, you wonderful readers of my live journal.

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[09 Jan 2006|06:25pm]
Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who made my birthday awesome. From air high fives to writing "balls!" on walls to bare bums, my birthday was terrific from start to finish.

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All I want for Christmas is my booooyfriend, my boooyfriend, yes, my booooyfriend. [25 Dec 2005|12:47am]
[ mood | excited ]

So, it's my family's tradition to open presents on Christmas Eve. I got a ton of cool things, including a fondue set and a fondue dessert set, clothes, a DVD player, a DVD, jewelry, and other fun things.

Chandler's out of town this Christmas. Usually, we exchange gifts early, together. This year he decided to change things up and make me wait to open my present from him until Christmas Eve.

Here is what he got me:

A wrapped box that held 10 numbered envelopes and a CD with a song recorded on it...all these holding clues leading to THE REAL PRESENT (though trying to figure out the clues in the envelopes and then having that amazing feeling of understanding dawning upon you is a pretty great present in itself.)

Here it is:

That's right. From March 12th- March 16th, Chandler and I will own the city of Chicago. There will be shopping, eating, drinking, sleeping (at a 4 star hotel, I might add) and all other kinds of revelry.

If you can't tell, I am pretty darned excited about this. Holy cow. HO-LEE COOOOOOOW.

Oh, and P.S.

Merry Merry Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.

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Hey, you know what? I'm procrastinating. [15 Dec 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | distracted ]

I am supposed to be revising my one act play that I wrote. Actually, I am reading my old live journal posts.

I wrote this poem in August of 2003 because I loved him and felt cheesy and cute about how I loved him. Well, now it is December of 2005. I still love him in a cutesy, cheesy, and enjoyable way. It is almost Christmas and we are almost feeling Christmasy because we are almost home with our families and other people who love us. Here is the poem.

i dreamt while i was dreaming that i caught you
and that while i was catching you
i was kissing you and that you are tied to me
yes, tied to me
by the reddest of red strings tied into perfect bows
yes a red string on your finger and my finger
and so i follow this reddest of red strings
that is tied in a bow to my finger
and it leads me to the bow tied to your finger
so that our fingers can be tied together
in the hand holdingist of ways
this magic string,
it's tied to my heart, it is
so when you pull it,
it tugs my heart to you
always you
tugging and pulling the red string to my heart
my heart
my heart is tied to you
by red string

I like to read old entries because they amuse me and I feel like I am reading other peoples' stuff because I forget what I write.

I love Christmas.

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Help! [28 Nov 2005|12:09pm]
[ mood | interested ]

OK, so, for my directing class, I need to direct a scene.

So here's where the needing help comes in:

Could you please tell me your favorite scene? It can be from a book, a movie, a short story, anything but a musical.

Thank you!

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[22 Nov 2005|11:02pm]
[ mood | awake ]

whne i veha ahd mite ot tnihk
i zealire hatt teerh si gothin, on nhotig,
ttha nac kema em lefe teh wya i cone left
henw rou srderco weer sspostel-- reorr efre.
ew reew fceprte ni haec otrehs' seey adn
eehtr aws gihtnon ot sole nad ehvitergyn ot gnai
uyo siskde em dan i ewnk htat ngnhiot cdolu erve og wgrno
ubt ti ddi. nda sltil ew mdaenga, iltls ew angaem
ot weka pu ehac ayd dna flal ni levo angia
beescua voel si ptantei (whhci i aelno ma nto)
adn lvoe si tyhrienvge ttha i ctaonn eb onlea.
i ma orled onw, ubt on wries.
ehac dya fginndi mfylse seonmoe dtinfefer hant het yad beerfo.
ubt isht si evol, tis'n ti?
i lbveiee ti si. ovle itn's bdlni.
ti jtsu ltes ouy brul rveo het hsahr sptar luint
uoy tac'n splee dan yruo htaer ssttar gsncriaem ni npia.
adn hetn ouy efvoirg, nda yuo tarts lal rove giaan.

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