Zelda Pinwheel (sabrinaseyes) wrote,
Zelda Pinwheel


Things that are happening in my life right now:

* I have completely given up on cleaning my room. I think it is just pure laziness, but there is the underlying excuse that it's all going to be put in boxes soon anyway, so why even bother?
* I am going to Charleston tomorrow to find potential places of residence.

Here are the things I need for my place of residence:
1. Monthly rent under $875
2. Location in downtown but not in the ghetto

Here are things I want for my place of residence:
1. Tons of windows
2. Wood floors
3. Fancy wood carvings/moldings/mantle, etc.
4. A porch
5. A sweet Schwinn SS Cruiser that comes with the place (preferably in kelly green, apple red, or sky blue)
6. Walking/biking distance to Harris Teeter, work, the water, a good bar, a good coffee shop, a good dessert place
7. Not too cramped

To refer back...I got a job in Charleston. I am going working as an editorial assistant for Skirt! magazine (www.skirtmag.com) starting June 4th . It's a free alternative women's monthly that is in some Southern cities and is gradually working its way into many others--so if you haven't heard of it now, just wait, and you may soon see it in your local coffeeshop.

Here is my futureplan:

May 4th-5th: Charleston-- apartment hunting
May 9th: Katherine-from-work's farewell party (she's moving to Boston!)
May 11th-13th: Charlotte for Mother's Day and to pick up miscellaneous items for the apartment
May 18th-20th: Momma is coming to spend the weekend with me doing all the things we planned but never got around to happening
May 25th-28th: to the Mountain house for Kati's 13th Birthday and Memorial Day Weekend
May 31st: My last day at Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill
June 1st: Moving into my new apartment in Charleston (hopefully!)
June 4th: My first day of work at Skirt! magazine
June-forever: Who knows? I sure don't!
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